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    Hi All


    I am trying to connect SAP system from Backend to GRC. But I am getting this error:


    Connect to SAP gateway failed

    LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode
    ERROR       partner SAPGW00 not reached
    TIME Mon Oct 15 21:55:23 201
    RELEASE     700
    COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
    VERSION     38
    RC          -10
    MODULE      nixxi.cpp
    LINE 2823
    DETAIL      NiPConnect2
    SYSTEM CALL connect
    ERRNO 10060
    ERRNO TEXT  WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out
    COUNTER     2



    I have checked for services file all entries are correct. The error is strange because the IP of my server is correct (where I have mentioned as Coorect IP) but in error it is trying to reach different IP.


    Please suggest from where it is taking this IP and how this can be resolved.


    Best Regards


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    Hello World,


    we are performing an upgrade from ECC6.0 to EhP6.0 + HR AddOn.

    MOPZ configured the XML-Stack file for the most part correctly.

    But for some bizarre reason it insisted it couldn't find any upgrade info for ST-A/PI.

    Now I have to say that it wasn't me who enter the system in the SolMan MOPZ, so I can't vouch for a complete XML file.

    I tried to find any ST-A/PI packages on the MOPZ list, but failed.


    Trying to include ST-A/PI as as downloaded Saint Packages failed as well.

    After several failed attempts, SUM started to complain about "can not find matching cofile" during the EPS inbox check.

    Since this is just for the test/sandbox system at the moment (in preparation for the real deal), I finally decided to chose the option "delete..." for it.


    I did so also because I found a note which claims that ST-A/PI can be installed at any time (later on), w/o impacting any other code within the system.


    Now I'd like to know if anyone has had experiences with installing ST-A/PI and could point me into the right direction as to where to get the proper files for that.

    As far as I understand it now, ST-A/PI is installed via SAINT & EPS packages.

    Is it truly that simple or am I missing anything here?


    I'll try to find out why SUM claimed it couldn't find any upgrade info for ST-A/PI before we continue, but for now my main concern is to be able to hand the a fully functional system over to the biz for testing.


    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Hi, I have installed EHP1 netweaver 7.3 as java and I am getting the following error when I try to start the JSPM. Please assist. I have already applied the sap note that is alluded to in the error.


    An error has occurred during the execution of the JSPM_MAIN phase.

    Cannot initialize application data. Error occurred while trying to get the SAPLOCALHOST parameter value from the instance number: 0 on host: newcitizen via SAPCONTROL the web service API. See SAP Note 1401712 for further information. java.rmi.RemoteException: Service call exception; nested exception is: Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized. The requested URL was:"http://newcitizen:50013" Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized. The requested URL was:"http://newcitizen:50013"

    You can find more information in the log file F:\usr\sap\NCP\J00\j2ee\JSPM\log\log_2012_06_11_05_03_02\JSPM_MAIN_1_01.LOG.

    Use the information provided to troubleshoot the problem. An SAP Note may provide a solution to this problem. Search for SAP Notes with the following key words: Cannot initialize application data. JSPM_MAIN JSPMPhases NetWeaver Upgrade SAPJup Java Upgrade

    When reporting problems to SAP Support, attach the trouble ticket file F:\usr\sap\NCP\J00\j2ee\JSPM\log\log_2012_06_11_05_03_02\TroubleTicket_01.txt to your message.

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    Hi I have installed succefully Miniwas in my PC, It work perfectly during couple of months, then suddenly I tried to start application and I could not, I got this error during start batch


    C:\miniWAS> set DBBAME=WA1

    C:\miniWAS> x_server

    18641 Error:XSERVER is already running!

    C:\miniWAS> dbmcli -U db_warm

    Error! Xuser not found

    Error: Database WA1 not started!

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    Can anyone see the common reason for problems I can see in our cluster based central instance


    I noticed today in sm21 a lot of :


    Roll in of UID/session 17948/000 failed, return code -01

    Delete session 001 after error 007



    Roll out failed, return code -01


    That at the time beeing belong mostly to issues in dialog.



    In sm50 I can  see for few(not all) dialogs:


    ERROR       ThISend: ThRollOut

      *** ERROR =>   but used on screen  4040 [diagotab.c   2846]


    M  *** WARNING => ThCheckReqInfo: req_info & DP_CANT_HANDLE_REQ

    M  *** ERROR => ThSysAdmMsg: ThAdmSend failed [thxxab.c     9571]

    D  *** ERROR => tablecontrol error on screen [diagotab.c   2840]


    D  *** ERROR =>   >SAPLIWOL< >0300< [diagotab.c   2841]

    D  *** ERROR =>   but used on screen  0300 [diagotab.c   2846]

    D  *** ERROR =>   >SAPLSO13< >4040< [diagotab.c   2841]

    N  *** ERROR => HMskiCheckValidity failed. [ssoxxkrn.c   1080]

    W          *** WARNING => alvgrid: [3.102/cnt2] put_ColPosIDType() NOT IMPLEMENTED [itsgridi.cpp 4387]

    M  *** WARNING => ThCheckReqInfo: req_info & DP_CANT_HANDLE_REQ

    N  *** ERROR => HMskiCheckValidity failed. [ssoxxkrn.c   1080]


    also background processes in sm50 have err field with " ** "(two stars) in red. In trace file thay have


    A  *** WARNING: INTERNAL_KERNEL_VERSION of message server

    M  *** WARNING => ThCleanPrevUser: context not rolled out, skip roll in of T58/M0

    M  *  ERROR       ThPrivCommit: ThICommit

    M  *** ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler rstshwr_hook_was_rollback for event AFTER_ROLLBACK failed [thxxtool3.c  302]

    M  *** ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler rstshpc_hook_prepare_for_commit for event BEFORE_COMMIT failed [thxxtool3.c  302]




    0x4000000002ec29b0  CTrcStack2 +
    0x1d0 at dptstack.c:228 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    0x4000000002ec2d90  CTrcStack +
    0x30 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (2)  0x40000000036f7250  $cold_ThIErrHandle + 0x3010 at
    thxxhead.c:11303 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    0x4000000002b5ecb0  ThErrHandle +
    0x30 at thxxhead.c:11195 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    ThHandleDbCommitError + 0x70 at thxxtool3.c:4713 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    0x4000000002d7aed0  ThSUsrDel +
    0x490 at thxxmode.c:4799 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    0x4000000001b65d60  $cold_ThIAMDel
    + 0xad0 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    0x4000000002d7c980  ThAMDel + 0x80
    at thxxmode.c:2324 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (8)  0x4000000002d89dc0  ThErrHdlUser + 0x510 at thxxhead.c:19314



    $cold_ThIErrHandle + 0x2610 at thxxhead.c:11861 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (10) 0x4000000002b5ecb0
    ThErrHandle + 0x30 at thxxhead.c:11195 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (11) 0x4000000002d221d0
    ThHandleDbCommitError + 0x70 at thxxtool3.c:4713 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (12) 0x4000000001b623d0
    $cold_ThPrivCommit + 0x1b0 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (13) 0x4000000002b5a1f0
    ThCommit + 0x50 at thxxhead.c:15101 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (14) 0x4000000002a72710
    dy_comwk + 0x200 at dycomwk.c:192 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (15) 0x400000000272e390
    _Z10ab_retdynpi + 0x2f0 at abdynpro.c:892 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (16) 0x400000000271d080
    ab_dstep + 0x2c0 at abdynpro.c:629 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (17) 0x40000000024285a0
    dynpmcal + 0x1200 at dymainstp.c:2885 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (18) 0x4000000002489fc0
    dynppai0 + 0x860 at dymainstp.c:1353 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (19) 0x400000000238bde0
    dynprctl + 0x2a0 at dymainstp.c:469 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (20) 0x400000000236b150
    dynpen00 + 0x990 at dymain.c:1971 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (21) 0x4000000002a07970
    Thdynpen00 + 0x390 at thxxhead.c:5200 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (22) 0x40000000028abbd0
    TskhLoop + 0x8220 at thxxhead.c:4862 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (23) 0x4000000002ac3280
    ThStart + 0x5a0 at thxxhead.c:1191 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (24) 0x40000000028324f0
    DpMain + 0x3a0 at dpxxdisp.c:1154 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (25) 0x4000000002b1d560
    main + 0x80 at thxxanf.c:80 [dw.sapCI1_DVEBMGS00]



    (26) 0xc000000000045900
    main_opd_entry + 0x50 [/usr/lib/hpux64/]

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    I went back to renew my 90 day license for my linux N4S and found that hey had pulled it off .  I did see the availability of a linux HANA system 7.4.  Has anyone downloaded this?  If so from where?  I can't find it anywhere?


    Thanks in advance,


    Clark Dennison

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    Dear Experts,



    I would like to know how to sort out the below issue.


    The tables size is within a GB but those LOB segments are 17 or 15 GB in our server.

    Tables are TST03,DYNPSOURCE,DWTREE,REPOSRC and etc.


    The above four are top size LOB segments in the server.


    Oracle release is


    I had gone through  SNOTES and forums.


    Still i need more clarifications on how to avoid the growth in feature and best way to compress the largest LOB segments.



    Thanks a lot.


    Best Regards,


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    Issue :


    Error from dev_jrfc.trc file


    LOCATION SAP-Gateway on host <hostname>

    ERROR registration of tp <Jco destination name> from host

    <hostname> not allowed

    TIME Fri May 10 10:30:58 2013

    RELEASE 720



    RC 720

    MODULE gwxxrd.c

    LINE 3642

    COUNTER 6303


    Return code: RFC_FAILURE(1)

    error group: 102



    Solution :


    As of 720 kernel, registration of external server program is controlled by profile parameters gw/acl_mode, gw_reg_info and gw/sec_info.

    For security reasons, SAP has made it mandatory to use gw/reg_info and gw/sec_info to allow any external program to get registered on host.

    So, entries of the host wanting to register program in gateway, has to be maintained in the file reg_info and sec_info.


    Location of these files is maintained using gw/reg_info and gw/sec_info profile parameter.


    If the files are created without any entries, then no external server is allowed to register external programs. If files are created then entries for the servers has to be maintained.


    If the files are not created, then parameter gw/acl_mode can be used to control registration of external programs on the system.

    gw/acl_mode = 0 will allow registration of external server program

    gw/acl_mode = 1 will not allow registration of external server programs and you need to maintain reg_info and sec_info files.


    More information about the same can be found in below SAP notes :

    Note 1408081 - Basic settings for reg_info and sec_info

    Note 1069911 - GW: Changes to the ACL list of the gateway (reginfo)

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  • 06/06/13--03:44: RE: Enhancements in ERP 6.0
  • Hi All,



    Presently, i am working on ERP 6.0 EHP 4. We are planning to implement enhancement package for our R/3 system  from EHP 4 to EHP 6.

    I am looking for acquiring knowledge in ERP 6.0 EHP6 version.


    What are the major changes happened in Ehp6 version.


    I have searched many blogs in finding the right answer for this query, but havent found enough.


    So, anyone pls let me know the changes happened in these versions in a detailed manner.



    Much appreciable in advance,


    Avinash Yadav.

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  • 06/06/13--03:26: RE: Transport Node in STMS
  • Hi All,



    I am in the search of Transport Node which i came across recently in a blog consisting of TMS configurations.


    Could any explain me what is the transport node and where is it particularly used.

    And also let me know the configuration part of transport node.



    Thanks in Advance.


    Avinash Yadav.

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    We are planning to upgrade our SAP ECC EHP version. Prior to the upgrade we are planning to refresh our Development system from production or QA. I have gone thorugh the OSS note 130906 regarding the version export. Just wanted to clarify certain steps with the refresh.


    Prior to the refresh.

    1. Try and push as many pending requests from dev to to production.

    2. Some requests cannot be applied to production yet. So we will just release them.

    3. Export the version history as per note 130906.

    4. Note the last request no in table E070L.


    Post Refresh.

    1. Change the Originals from Prod to Development.

    2. Reapply the version history.

    3. Reapply the transports released in Step 2 prior to the refresh.

    4. Update table E070L with the transport number which will be used for new transports.


    Can anyone confirm if there are any additional steps that need to be carried out? Also regarding the E07* tables, do we need to export any or do we just need to note the transport number of the last request created (table E070L)?


    Does re-applying the transports to dev after the refresh cause any issues?


    Your help is greatly appreciated





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    I ve been trying to install Netweaver

    trial version 64 bit using WIndows 7 Ultimate  on machine name HP G61 laptop

    and the system gives me an error/exception that an instance of the database might be running and i dont understand how to solve this,

    i have  pasted  the screen Shot please help




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    The way we avail RDP / WTS Connections to SAPOSS Experts.

    Can we avail for any Third Party Supporting Companies in the same way.

    It is clear opening port in SAPROUTER?


    Which tool (or) which WTS Client he has to use to connect RDP over SAPRouter ?




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  • 06/07/13--00:42: Problem with note
  • Hi Gurus, 

    Today I implemented sap notes in our system. Usially after implementation notes sytem asked me to create the change request. But for the note 1731825 it did not offer me to create any change request, it was surprising to me. So I deimplemented it and tried to implement it again but still it id not offer me to create a change request. I wonder now how I can transfer this note changes to Quality and then to production.   Did anybody encounter the same situation? What is the solution, how to implement the same note in the subsequent systems? 



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    I have installed on windows 7 and can login with SAPgui, but still a lot of things doesn't work.


    but I can't. Do I need to activate something in SICF?


    • I have installed Loopback adapter, but the final step in documentation is a little vague. It only says

    Click Next and finish.

      After that maintain your local IP Address under "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections".

    I think I know how/where to set an IP Address, but I would still like a complete description to be sure. Can I just set any IP i like?


    • Do I have to set some localhost entries in the hosts file?




    I think this will be enough questions for now.


    Best regards

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  • 06/07/13--05:29: Dear Memebers,
  • I would like to know is there relevant SAP Note which says the sequence to be followed while

    Applying Support Packages through SPAM. i know that we should start with Basis,Abap,pibasis

    Bw on but can i put all basis component at one go (i know we can't) but than how can i decide that up to which patch level

    i should put Basis in queue and after that abap or some other packages is there any SAP Note for that ...





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    Hi all,

    I am using ERP 6.0 on EHP6 my current ECC-DIMP version is 600 and sap-appl version is 606. I want to upgrade ECC-DIMP to 606. Prerqusite for ECC-DIMP 606 is ecc-dimp 605 and sap-appl 606.

    And pre requisite for ecc-dimp 605 is ecc-dimp 604 and sap-appl 604

    So, how should I go ahead since pre-requisite is not fulfilled it wont allow me to go ahead.

    Kindly help how should I go ahead to upgrade it 606.


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    Hi experts,


    according to this topic:

    There should be a parameter called icm/HTTP/mod_<XX> available on NW 7.31.

    But I can't find it in the parameter list (F4: icm*) of transaction RZ10.


    If i try to add the parameter manually to the profile parameters configuration, save the configuration and restart the system, the parameter disappears from the profile parameters.


    Any ideas?



    SAP NW 7.31



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    I have a Java 7.31 file, named NW2.


    I have the key file from the service market place, NW2_multiple.txt.


    (I know I can install it through NetWeaver Administrator, but this is very cumbersome, as one needs to start the server, wait 30 minutes for it to come up, then be sure to apply the file within the 30 minutes before it goes down again because it doesn't have a license.)


    I found that on the command line it should work with saplikey on

    saplikey pf=<profile> -install <filename>


    I can't figure out what they mean by <profile>.


    In C:\usr\sap\NW2\SYS\profile there are three files, DEFAULT.PFL, NW2_J03_ILBNKNW1 and NW2_SCS04_ILBNKNW1. I tried supplying each of these with complete path, but I get the error "saplikey: failed to read table SVERS after connecting to the database" every time.


    So I guess this is not what they mean by profile. I was not able to find an example for what to supply as profile anywhere, neither on nor elsewhere with Google.

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    Hi All,


    Can anyone help me out in resolving this issue.


    Whenever I am starting my instance, j2ee server0 is getting stopped with exitcode -2. And dispatcher remains yellow.


    When I checked the log file from path usr\sap\SID\DVEBMGS01\work\std_server0.out, it shows below error



    stdout/stderr redirect


    node name          : server0

    pid                    : 1032

    system name          : SID

    system nr          : 01

    started at          : Tue Jun 11 15:59:37 2013



    Reserved 1610612736 (0x60000000) bytes before loading DLLs.

    [Thr 6584] MtxInit: -2 0 0

    Error occurred during initialization of VM

    Could not reserver enough space for object heap


    And when I check another log from pathusr\sap\SID\DVEBMGS01\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\system\server.0.log, it shows below error


    Resourcebundle=, ID = UME Initialization failed


    I have already tried with below SAP Notes:






    Issue still exists.


    Any suggestions please.





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